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SEALLL - the project
The field of adult education is extremely varied. Organisations are serving different audiences and
target groups, are funded from a variety of sources and work in a complex field of societal forces.
Within the sector of adult education we see a variety in the extent to which outputs are
standardised and to which other criteria are fixed. This does not mean there are no similarities:
the learning processes and the teaching to promote the learning are the core business of all types.

As Life Long Learning situations are often less formal and less structured, quality care,
self-evaluation, self-regulated learning and setting up the institution as a learning organisation is
even more needed in an LLL context.
Looking at the present status of self-evaluation in adult education one can say that:
The SEALLL project will focus on self-evaluation in life long learning as an attempt to enrich/enlarge your own (organisational and individual) view by looking at yourself in a systematic
way from the various perspectives other relevant players may look at you. Self-evaluation provides this learning background that is basically empowering and emancipatory. To safeguard this, it is commendable that the one initiating the self-evaluation is in control of content, process, the results and the forthcoming decisions.

For most countries and institutions this culture of self-evaluation is new. On the other hand a lot of experience is available in some countries and in the more compulsory and formal domains of education and training. Through the SEALLL project we want to create and disseminate useful material (self-evaluation tools, guidelines, dissemination and awareness raising material...) and set up local, national and international training. A broad European approach will be guaranteed by the involvement of a large group of institutions (cross section of types of adult education institution from the 8 partner countries). These are called the 'members' and will actively participate in the creative (writing), piloting (testing), monitoring and evaluation phase of the project.


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