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Self-Evaluation in Adult Life Long Learning

SEALLL aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning and the quality of organisation and management in LLL by promoting and supporting self-evaluation. The project wants to help all ‘players’ in LLL-organisations self-evaluate their teaching, learning and management.

In this website you will NOT find another suite of ready made evaluation instruments with indicators to check and boxes to tick. You WILL find a set of materials to help you introduce a culture of self-evaluation and to create and execute SE processes in your organisation.

SEALLL focuses on self-evaluation as a learning process. Therefore a bottom up approach and guiding the ‘initiators’ in the process of conducting their own evaluation is the SEALLL angle to quality care.

The tool advocated by SEALLL starts from a modular framework where ‘self-evaluation as a dialogue in a multiplayer situation’ is the key-concept. A dialogue between staff, teachers and learners within the institution and a dialogue between the institution and relevant external actors is the starting point for SE.

This site offers

Navigation in this site is in English but a big part of the material is - or will be - translated in the partner languages: EN, NL, DE, LT, SE, PL, TR.

The library section of the site offers all background texts and presentations in English and gradually – as the project reaches its completion date (30 Sept. 2007) – in all partner languages.

The examples of self-evaluation processes are presented in a matrix with the ‘initiator’ in the horizontal (top) axis and the topic/subject in the vertical (left) axis, so basically ordered according to the ‘who’ and ‘what’ question. These examples are created during international conferences, during in-service training days or ‘in the field’ by the member organisations and are mainly in English but, in many cases, also in the mother tongue of the partner countries.

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